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Parov Stelar (Live) @ 9:30 Club, Washington, DC

 After DJ-ing in clubs in the 1990's Marcus started making music in 1998. He used his real name and the pseudonym Plasma. In 2004 he started producing under the name Parov Stelar. He founded his own record label Etage Noir Recordings the same year.


Marcus Füreder better known by his stage name Parov Stelar is an Austrian producer and DJ who has been active as a musician since 1998.

Marcus Füreder began his career as many producers do on the late night DJ circuit. At the end of 1990s he was paying his dues on the Austrian club scene whilst slowly moving up line ups. His first EP came in 2001 and was titled 'Shadow Kingdom', a couple more years passed of gigging and working on his production skills before he launched his own label Etage Noir Recordings in 2003.

A couple of years later his EPs and singles began to get radio play in Austria which helped him break through to the rest of Europe. His electro/swing was viewed as an innovation of the times with the BBC claiming that Parov Stelar was one of 'the most promising producers active in Europe today'.



He released a number of albums on his own label in the following years and performed at some of Europe's biggest music events including Zurick Open Air, Rock Werchter and Glastonbury. Often performing with the accompaniment of brass musicians, his swing electro was a big hit and in 2009 he got a commercial break when 'Coco' peaked at #65 in native Austria and #10 in Greece. Since then his chart positions have increased dramatically, 'The Princess' charted within the top 10 of Austria, Switzerland and Greece.

In 2013 he was a big winner at the Amadeus Austrian Music Awards picking up the accolades of Best Live Act, Best Electronic Act, Best Album. His notoriety has earned him the opportunity to work with the likes of Lady Gaga and Lana Del Rey, and he has now sold over 250,000 albums worldwide.

 So lets get ready here is an hour long mix. enjoy!

0:00 Booty Swing
3:12 Charleston Butterfly
6:23 Ragtime Cat
8:42 Nobody's Fool

11:30 Sally's Dance 
14:20 Jimmy's Gang
18:00 All Night
20:27 A Song For You
23:06 The Phantom
25:58 Baska Brother
28:26 The Golden Boy
31:29 The Snake 
35:43 Le Piaf
39:16 Libella Swing
43:15 Catgroove
47:00 Chambermaid Swing
52:03 The Mojo Radio Gang
54:30 Matilda
56:45 On My Way Now

Wednesday Nov 4, 2015

Venue Information:
9:30 Club
815 V St. NW
Washington, DC, 20001 

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