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  • Nicola Conte - The Jazzy Sartre

    To comprehend fully Nicola Conte's music originality and sensibility we should refer, together with his productions, to the unavoidable Fez's activity, a cultural movement founded by Conte himself in Bari in the early nineties. A real melting pot of several creative musicians, who first of all are friends and grew up together with the same intellectual, music and political similarities. Cultural trouble-makers, emotional dreamers, Jazz enthusiasts of the fifties and sixties, deep "nouvelle vague" connoisseurs, compulsive vinyl collectors, design and graphic experts, people crazy for cultural beat and books written by revolutionaries like Jean Paul Sartre and Boris Vian.

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  • Baaba Maal Tunes In With Brazilian Girls On 'Television'

    After an eight-year break, Senegalese recording artist Baaba Maal will release "Television," his first album of all-new recorded material since 2001's "Missing You." Due September 15 on Palm, the album joins Maal with members of New York lounge-pop act Brazilian Girls to create eight songs of world-infused exotica that fuses the African traditions he's known for with a breezy, downtempo feel.

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  • Tosca No Hassle

    Slow down. Relax. Take a deep breath. Steal back an hour from your busy life. This really is worth your full attention. Tosca, the Viennese masters of deluxe soundscapes and sensual rhythms, are back with their most magical and mesmerising album yet. It's called No Hassle.

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  • Wu-Tang vs. The Beatles

    All this is probably The Grey Album’s fault. Since then, DJ’s (or just plain whomever) have been flooding the internet with more often than not middling mashups of hip hop and rock. There have been successes: Blue Eyes Meets Bed Stuy is pretty damn good, recommended if you haven’t sought it out. Jaydiohead came around, put Minty Fresh Beats on the map, and was pretty good as well. There was another Radiohead hip hop mashup, don’t recall that one as well, there’s been so many of these things, who knows anymore.

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