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  • Tenor Saw : A dancehall tenor

    Passed away nearly 20 years ago and even if his career was short, Tenor Saw impressed reggae history and specially the dancehall music.

    Clive Bright alias Tenor Saw was born in 1966 in Kingston, Jamaica. As several artists - as Yami Bolo or Junior Reid - he began with Sugar Minott's Youth Promotion crew. But it's on George Phang's Powerhouse label that he released his first single "Roll Call" in 1984. Followed 'Lots Of Signs' and 'Pumpkin Belly' based on Sleng Teng rhythm. It's with this song that he met his first success in Jamaica. But it was nothing compared with what was going to happen…

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  • Trinity Roots Music Is Choice

    There was good news for Flight of the Conchords fans this week: Jemaine Clement confirmed, yet again, there wouldn't be another series.

    Strange as that sounds, some things are so perfectly formed they are best left alone: Fawlty Towers and the English version of The Office... Great bands, too, deserve an enclosed lifespan.

    The singles Free As a Bird and Real Love using the late John Lennon's home recordings simply tarnished the Beatles' reputation. And everywhere groups - often but a blip on the radar in their time - are reforming to trot out their hits, or hit.

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