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Dub / Reggae

  • 05:18 Popular Dub Pistols - Mach 10

    Dub Pistols - Mach 10

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    Old School ... badass ;D

  • 05:04 Popular Brother Ali - Breakin' Dawn

    Brother Ali - Breakin' Dawn

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    Brother Ali&Rhymesayers bring you "Breakin' Dawn" the second official video off of Ali's latest album Us. Available now at iTunes: Fif...

  • 04:52 Popular Dj Vadim - That Life Feat Juice Lee&rjay

    Dj Vadim - That Life Feat Juice Lee&rjay

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  • Popular Okay Temiz - Denizalti Ruzgarlan

    Okay Temiz - Denizalti Ruzgarlan

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    okay temiz psych psychedelic jazzy jazzed funky turkey turkish eastern europe are groove muslim Northern soul deep rare groove funk funky deep funk soul jazz jazzy groovy beat beats beat break breaks sample samples loop loops stab stabs dancefloor dance d

  • Popular Dub Pistols - Running From The Thoughts

    Dub Pistols - Running From The Thoughts

    by Administrator Added 3,788 Views / 0 Likes Pistols performing 'Running From The Thoughts' live in Val Thorens, France at the Ski & Boarderweek Festival.Best viewed in HD.Filmed on GoPro HD Hero.Dub Pistols - Running From The Thoughtsis the copyrighted prope

  • Popular Nicky Bomba - Highgrade

    Nicky Bomba - Highgrade

    by Erdem Added 2,137 Views / 0 Likes

    After years of working with bands from Africa to the Middle East and honing his reggae, ska and mento expertise, Nicky has drawn on his musical journeys and philosophies to produce his first ever solo work. His new work sees him getting back to his roots;

  • Popular Hawa - My Little Green Box

    Hawa - My Little Green Box

    by Erdem Added 2,018 Views / 0 Likes

    Her songs transcend the very nature of a “good feeling”. “I was born to love” is one of those feel good songs, that will have you keep coming back for more. Her sultry voice is a true gift to listen to.

  • Popular The Black Seeds - Pippy Pip

    The Black Seeds - Pippy Pip

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    The Black Seeds are a band from Wellington, New Zealand. Formed in 1998, The Black Seeds fuse dub, reggae and funk sounds to form a unique musical “party” sound. They usually perform with ten members, with instruments including vocals, guitar, saxophone,

  • Popular Iration - Time Bomb

    Iration - Time Bomb

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    Iration is a rock/reggae band originally from Hawaii but have since relocated to Santa Barbara, CA, US. In 2007, they recorded and released their first full length album “No Time for Rest” at Castaway 7 Studios in Ventura, Ca, which featured one of the la

  • Popular See-I - The Punanny Song

    See-I - The Punanny Song

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    See-I has become one of the east coast’s premier party bands because they know how to get people dancing all night with a smile on their face. See-I’s unique blend of classic roots reggae with a good blend of funk and soul has rocked dancefloors from Texa

  • Popular Eek-A-Mouse - Wa do dem

    Eek-A-Mouse - Wa do dem

    by Erdem Added 5,672 Views / 2 Likes

    Eek-a-Mouse (born Ripton Hylton November 19, 1957 in Kingston, Jamaica) is one of Jamaica’s premier reggae stars. He is responsible for the creation of the reggae sub-genre singjaying. Although now 50 years old, he is still reputed to perform more than 20

  • Popular Capleton - Prophet Rides Again (Extended Mix)

    Capleton - Prophet Rides Again (Extended Mix)

    by Ahmet Voltran Added 5,677 Views / 1 Likes

    King Shango, King David, The Fireman and The Prophet. A wise man once said that a prophet is not without honour save in his own country and so it has been with Capleton. While the veteran DJ’s words and works long ago earned him the title of “The Prophet”

  • Popular junior kelly - Red pond

    junior kelly - Red pond

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    This year heard the return of gruff roots veterans. After five years without an album Junior Kelly reminded us why he is so well regarded. The rhythms of the Fire House crew are slick but Kelly’s vocals, including a remarkable third verse on Stumbling Blo

  • Popular KATCHAFIRE - On The Road Again

    KATCHAFIRE - On The Road Again

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    Official music video for Katchafire's title-single from their new album 'On The Road Again' - out now!

  • Popular Asian Dub Foundation - A History Of Now

    Asian Dub Foundation - A History Of Now

    by Administrator Added 5,680 Views / 1 Likes

    The new album from Asian Dub Foundation - A History Of Now - is released in February 2011 on Cooking Vinyl.Tour dates to be announced soon.Seventh studio album and follow-up to 2008′s ‘Punkara’ fromthe long-standing dubcore pioneers and anti-fascist agita

  • Popular SATTAS - IREA


    by Administrator Added 3,108 Views / 2 Likes

    SATTAS has composed their first song in 2006 (War is Over) and continued to do so. Today, SATTAS has been performing in some of the most important clubs and performance halls in Istanbul like Babylon,Nayah,Balans, Peyote,Oldcity,Jazzstop,Naima..etc Univer

  • 04:50 Popular Nasio Fontaine - Africa We Love You

    Nasio Fontaine - Africa We Love You

    by Ahmet Voltran Added 2,298 Views / 0 Likes

    From the rugged green mountains of Dominica a passionate manifestation of Rastafari comes forward in reggae. His name is Nasio Fontaine and his music has the power to flow into your consciousness and lift your energy. His voice has an unmistakable resonan

  • 05:07 Popular Sinead O'Connor - Downpressor Man

    Sinead O'Connor - Downpressor Man

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    Sinead O'Connor launches first reggae album "The teachings of Rastafari saved my life, and when someone saves your life the least you can do is give back."With those words Irish singer Sinead O'Connor put forth her latest album, Throw Down Your Arms, at

  • Popular Etana - I am not afraid

    Etana - I am not afraid

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    Arguably the most prolific female vocalist in present day Reggae singer/ songwriter Etana has struck a cord with the masses and like any beautiful melody she’s winning the hearts of the people one song at a time. Spirited in her approach to communicate fi

  • Popular Daddy Mory - Ma Voix Resonne

    Daddy Mory - Ma Voix Resonne

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  • Popular Gonjasufi - Duet

    Gonjasufi - Duet

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    Gonjasufi's A Sufi & A Killer is an astonishing and genuinely uncategorisable piece of work, and 'Sheep' is - for me - the record's most arresting track. Gonjasufi himself is a practicing Sufi and professional Yoga teacher from San Diego, who raps and

  • Popular Benga - Emotions

    Benga - Emotions

    by Erdem Added 3,200 Views / 0 Likes

    Benga (real name Adegbenga Adejumo) is a uk music producer from Croydon, and is part of the Big Apple Records label. Being inspired by Wookie and an associate of producer Skream, Benga released his debut 12”, “Skank,” in late 2002. A co-production with Sk

  • 05:49 Popular Ini Kamoze - World a Music

    Ini Kamoze - World a Music

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    Out in the street, they call him lyrical gangster

  • Popular African Head Charge - Dionsuars Lament

    African Head Charge - Dionsuars Lament

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    Arguably the most popular act to emerge from Adrian Sherwood’s highly respected On-U Sound Records, African Head Charge created a series of critically acclaimed albums dedicated to further experiments in their label boss, mentor, and producer’s patented s