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Dub / Reggae

  • 04:24 Popular Rusko - Acton Dread

    Rusko - Acton Dread

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    Christopher Mercer, aka Rusko was born in Leeds in 1985 to a musical family. From day one Rusko was surrounded by music. Whether it be his family’s pianos, guitars, banjos and saxophones…or the heavy reggae and dub sound systems of later years in Leeds, m

  • 03:40 Popular Butch Cassidy Sound System - Radioactive

    Butch Cassidy Sound System - Radioactive

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    One-off reggae funk dub project by the UK’s Michael Hunter where he plays all the instruments himself (drums / keyboards / guitars / bass etc…). The full LP / CD called Butches Brew was released by Soma/Fenetik. When he’s not composing music for high prof

  • 05:59 Popular Dry & Heavy - Rumble (Live)

    Dry & Heavy - Rumble (Live)

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    Dry & Heavy are a reggae act from Japan. The band originally formed in 1991, around core members drummer Shigemoto Nanao and bassist Takeshi Akimoto, with a floating cast on other instruments. The line-up which first recorded came together in 1995 wit

  • 04:13 Popular J-Boogie's Dubtronic Science - Revolution

    J-Boogie's Dubtronic Science - Revolution

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    Justin “J Boogie” Boland is an American DJ/producer from San Francisco, California. He is signed to the Om Records label, and has a group called J Boogie’s Dubtronic Science, which features himself and a few other frequent contributors. Although Dubtronic

  • 04:03 Popular Noiseshaper - We Love Reggae

    Noiseshaper - We Love Reggae

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    G-Corp-MC singer Juggla, a sound system veteran from Birmingham and a perfect vocalist for Noiseshaper, it toned down the house elements in favour of a deep, conscious reggae sound.

  • 03:36 Popular Noiseshaper - Rough Out There

    Noiseshaper - Rough Out There

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    After seven years, three albums, a whole heap of 12-inches and numerous remix projects, this new Noiseshaper release sees the band reviewing their past. That doesn’t mean that “Real To Reel” is just another sampler or “best of” compilation: this album loo

  • 03:49 Popular Boozoo Bajou - Moanin'

    Boozoo Bajou - Moanin'

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    Boozoo Bajou is a musical duo from Germany. They are noted for their distinct blend of Cajun sounds with island rhythms. 2005 saw the release of their latest album, Dust My Broom, to much critical acclaim. The Nuremberg natives behind the music are Peter

  • 04:40 Popular Bacuzzi - Sunday's Child

    Bacuzzi - Sunday's Child

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    Angelic women singing beautiful lyrics, smooth bass tones.

  • 03:17 Popular Sister Nancy - Bam Bam

    Sister Nancy - Bam Bam

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    Sister Nancy is one of the first, if not the first, female deejay to get a start on a sound system. Born Ophlin Russell, 41 years ago, Sister Nancy grew up in the Tavern area of Papine in St Andrew. Her entry in the music business dates back to 1977, when

  • 03:09 Popular Tenor Saw - Ring The Alarm

    Tenor Saw - Ring The Alarm

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    Ring The Alarm is the title of one of the classic dancehall tunes of all time. Written and performed by the late Tenor Saw (b. Clive Bright, 1966, Kingston, JA), released in 1985 at the start of the Jamaican recording industry's digital revolution, it bec

  • 03:14 Popular Thievery Corporation - Sound the Alarm

    Thievery Corporation - Sound the Alarm

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    Thievery Corporation is a Washington, D.C.-based recording artist and DJ duo consisting of Rob Garza and Eric Hilton and their supporting artists. Their music style mixes elements of dub, acid jazz, Indian classical and Brazilian (such as bossa nova) with

  • 05:01 Popular Katchafire - Seriously

    Katchafire - Seriously

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    From humble beginnings ‘jamming’ in a garage, Katchafire is a melting pot of unique members, including two generations of one family and diverse musical perspectives – yet this blend is exquisitely aligned with the essence of reggae which can be an expres

  • 04:34 Popular Black Seeds - Turn it Around

    Black Seeds - Turn it Around

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    The Black Seeds are an 8-piece, Wellington band that have carved out their reputation on the back of two double-platinum selling albums, and a masterful 8-piece live show regarded as one of the finest in New Zealand.Hailing from Wellington, and led by the

  • 03:35 Popular Eva Be - Trippin on Eva Be

    Eva Be - Trippin on Eva Be

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    Eva B has released nice jazzy and dubby stuff on the nujazz label Sonar Kollektiv outta Germany. Inspirations come from sounds like Rythm N Sound, Cinematic Orchestra, Rockers Hi-Fi, Earl Zinger Berliner Eva Be is a producer who commissioned beat poets to