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  • Popular Kapuchon & Benny Rodrigues - The Other Finger

    Kapuchon & Benny Rodrigues - The Other Finger

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    The next installment from the new Beyond imprint is with us, featuring two newcomers from the thriving US underground: Kapuchon & Benny Rodriques. The pair bring a magical detroit infused collection of warm, urgent and modern house music into our peri

  • Popular Rone - Spanish Breakfast

    Rone - Spanish Breakfast

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    Behind Rone there is Erwan Castex, young parisian dj and producer. Working originally as a filmmaker, he composes his first music creations between two shoots. His works, going from experimental techno to melodic ambient, soon grab the attention of the th

  • Popular Kirk Degiorgio - Starwaves (Jimpster Remix)

    Kirk Degiorgio - Starwaves (Jimpster Remix)

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    Kirk Degiorgio was born in Stepney, East London in the late 60’s. Raised in a family who loved a wide range of music - and one which could claim a hugely famous pop-star cousin in Marc Bolan of T-Rex - Kirk got early exposure to music from artists such as

  • Popular Only Freak - Planet Deep

    Only Freak - Planet Deep

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    Only Freak is comprised of Jean Vanesse and Thomas Sohet, both born, raised and still residing in Belgium. Over the past few years, the duo have notched up a serious discography and remixography using both Only Freak and their Spirit Catcher guise and hav

  • Popular Roberto Rodriguez - Be somebody

    Roberto Rodriguez - Be somebody

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    Roberto Rodriguez was born in Helsinki 1975. Started making music in 1987 with his Commodore Amiga 500. Inspired by the “new” crazy music called “Acid House”. Started Deejaying in 1992 by playing in various warehouse partys. By 1994 he had become a master

  • Popular Lovebirds - The Rat

    Lovebirds - The Rat

    by Erdem Added 1,447 Views / 1 Likes

    Lovebirds is the solo project of Hamburg resident Sebastian ‘Basti’ Doering. Following 3 excellent singles on the much-respected Winding Road Records label, Lovebirds is big news right now. Labels such as Freerange and Buzzin Fly are hot on his heels, eag

  • Popular Francois Dubois - I Try

    Francois Dubois - I Try

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    Alias of Lars Sandberg (aka Funk D’Void)

  • Popular Milton Jackson - Ghosts In My Machine

    Milton Jackson - Ghosts In My Machine

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    Released his first EP aged 19 on Solemusic’s Tronicsole imprint. Known for his dark, almost techno influenced deep house music. Milton Jackson tends to fuse straight driving beats with eclectic, techy production styles. His first and so far only long play

  • Popular Can 7 - Cruisin'

    Can 7 - Cruisin'

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    Levent Canseven, the mastermind behind the successful Can 7, is a highly experienced Turkish DJ, producer and remixer. With his own recording studio and production company, T.P.A Music, Levent has caused quite a stir over the past few years. Providing an

  • Popular Akufen - Skidoos

    Akufen - Skidoos

    by Erdem Added 1,318 Views / 1 Likes

    Akufen is the musical pseudonym of Montreal, Canada based artist, Marc Leclair. Leclair makes electronic music that is often described as minimal house, minimal techno, glitch, click hop, or microhouse. Leclair’s pseudonym comes from the french word for t

  • Popular Michael Mayer - Lovefood

    Michael Mayer - Lovefood

    by Erdem Added 2,189 Views / 1 Likes

    Michael Mayer was born and brought up in the clean air of the Schwarzwald (Black Forest), deep in Germany’s south-west corner. The days and nights of his childhood were filled with music, either liberated from his parents’ collection, absorbed via his bed

  • Popular Martin Solveig - Rocking Music

    Martin Solveig - Rocking Music

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    Martin Solveig was born in 1976. At the age of 13, he got his first turntables and that influenced him to take up a career in electronic music rather than the classical music he was learning. He started his first residency at Paris’s leading club Le Palac

  • Popular Late Night Alumni - Empty Streets

    Late Night Alumni - Empty Streets

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    Late Night Alumni are Becky Jean Williams, Finn Bjarnson, John Hancock, Ryan Raddon (aka Kaskade). Late Night Alumni is the alias of DJ/producer Kaskade, currently signed to ‘Om Records’ and loaned to the Hed Kandi label. They tend to mix Dance/house musi

  • Popular Kraak & Smaak - Money in the Bag

    Kraak & Smaak - Money in the Bag

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    Kraak & Smaak is a DJ/producing trio hailing from the Dutch city of Leiden, consisting of Mark Kneppers (also known as DJ Knuppelhout and one half of retro-party DJ duo DJ Wipneus & Pim), Oscar de Jong and Wim Plug. As owner of a local record stor

  • Popular Azzido Da Bass - Dooms Night

    Azzido Da Bass - Dooms Night

    by Erdem Added 3,186 Views / 1 Likes

    Azzido Da Bass (born Ingo Martens in 1971) is a DJ and music producer based in Hamburg, Germany.Over the years, Ingo Martens has been influenced by a wide range of music genres. As a youth, Ingo first became interested in hip-hop and break dance. By the m

  • Popular Hird - Keep you Kimi

    Hird - Keep you Kimi

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  • Popular Cloud - Turning

    Cloud - Turning

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    Also shares a name with a remixer from OverClocked Remix. Hailing from Gothenburg in Sweden (home to our very own Plej), Cloud (aka Alex Berg) has an undisputable musical history. Brought up by musical parents and with his older brother Hird already havin

  • Popular Booka Shade - Charlotte

    Booka Shade - Charlotte

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    Booka Shade is a German electrohouse duo, made up of Walter Merziger and Arno Kammermeier, both described as veterans of the Frankfurt electronic music scene. They have released three albums, memento, Movements and The Sun & The Neon Light. Their 2005

  • Popular Blue Six - Sweeter Love

    Blue Six - Sweeter Love

    by Erdem Added 1,807 Views / 1 Likes

    Musician, producer and remixer Jay Denes, better known as Blue Six, was born in Newark, NJ. After moving to N.Y.C., the newcomer failed to get seriously involved in the local music scene until hip-hop producer Bob Power hooked him up with Dave Boonshoff.

  • 05:38 Popular Parov Stellar - Hotel Axos

    Parov Stellar - Hotel Axos

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    Parov Stelar aka Marcus Füreder lives and works in Linz / Austria. Interesting themes and structures preferably move in the protecting environment of the underground. Right where enough space and stages can be found for growth and development. The freedom

  • Popular Jamie Jones - Summertime

    Jamie Jones - Summertime

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    Welsh-born Jamie, is a special breed of artist, his sound continually grows more diverse as he continues always to take risks to develop his unique style. Many sides to his sound have been explored on labels such as Cocoon, Freak n’Chic, Get Physical and

  • Popular Outlines - Just a lil' Lovin'

    Outlines - Just a lil' Lovin'

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    Outlines are long-time friends Jerome, Irfane and Jay1. Although the paths of life led the three members to interact - Jerome and Irfane went to school together - it is hip-hop culture that is responsible for their union. Indeed, while, in the early ninet

  • Popular Charles Schillings - No Communication, No Love

    Charles Schillings - No Communication, No Love

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    After more than 15 years playing in the most prestigious clubs worldwide, Charles Schillings is one of the most wanted French Djs, playing his eclectic and melodic, powerful house, mixing rock, electro-funk, soul, groove and jazz all over the world.??Shou

  • Popular Justin Martin - GhettoTrain

    Justin Martin - GhettoTrain

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    There’s a new breed of house music bubbling under in a certain American city, but it’s not coming out of Chicago or New York - this time it’s from San Francisco. Claude VonStroke’s ‘Who’s Afraid of Detroit?’ was one of the biggest tracks of 2006 and the l