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  • 06:34 Popular Quantic - Life in the rain

    Quantic - Life in the rain

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    "He’s at the forefront of a new global sound.”- Gilles Peterson, BBC Radio 1 Quantic is an umbrella name for UK-born, Will Holland: acclaimed Producer, Musician and DJ for over 15 years evolving and involving styles like Funk & Jazz to Ele

  • Popular London Grammar - Hey Now

    London Grammar - Hey Now

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    Buy the Metal & Dust EP on iTunes now:

  • Popular Jo Stance - Hey Girl

    Jo Stance - Hey Girl

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    Jo Stance is a new project by upcoming Finnish vocalist Johanna Försti and drummer-producer Teppo “Teddy Rok” Mäkynen. With the release of their eagerly-awaited debut LP on Ricky-Tick Records, they are set to make a show-stopping entrance into the scene.

  • Popular The Bahama Soul Club - Afro Shigida

    The Bahama Soul Club - Afro Shigida

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    Following the smashing success of “The JuJu Orchestra”,the creative team around Oliver Belz has come up with the next step…A delicious clash of SOUL, JAZZ and LATIN with that unique vintage feel.So what do you expect from one of the brains behind the Juju

  • 05:03 Popular Kuzu - Restless

    Kuzu - Restless

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  • Popular Soulsavers - Love

    Soulsavers - Love

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    Soulsavers (also known as The Soulsavers Soundsystem) are an English production and remix team comprised of Rich Machin and Ian Glover. The Soulsavers’ downtempo electronica sound incorporates influences of rock, gospel, soul, and country. To date, the du

  • Popular Nicola Conte - Arabesque

    Nicola Conte - Arabesque

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    Nicola Conte is a DJ and producer from Bari, Italy known for introducing an innovative style of acid jazz that incorporates bossa nova themes, melodies drawn from Italian film scores of the 1960’s, easy listening themes, and ethnic Indian music.Conte, a c

  • Popular RSL Wesley - Wesley Music

    RSL Wesley - Wesley Music

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    Hypothesis: A three-man production outfit that write amazing, life-changing songs and then perform them live, to devastating effect with a nine-piece band. An outfit that create funked-up Jazz-Latin scores like Santana with Luke Vibert Controlling Front o

  • Popular Llorca - Lemonade

    Llorca - Lemonade

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    Llorca is Ludovic Llorca (born in 1974), the resident “soulman” of acclaimed French label F Communications, the successful company which has introduced the world to the likes of (label co-founder and techno producer) Laurent Garnier and the forward-thinki

  • Popular Barrio Jazz Gang - Chok-A-Block Avenue

    Barrio Jazz Gang - Chok-A-Block Avenue

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    The Barrio Jazz Gang’s debut album called “Spectrum ” reveals the band’s compelling itinerary between the brainy elements of jazz and the more physical, pulsing elements of club-dance music. A distinctive Mediterranean and Latin American touch colours the

  • Popular The Rongetz Foundation - Almost

    The Rongetz Foundation - Almost

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    The Rongetz Foundation is a jazz/nu-jazz band from France. Band members: Stéphane RONGET - RONGETZ - ( Compositions, Trumpet, Vocals, Stylophone) Benoit BAUD (Alto and Soprano Saxophones) Benjamin DEVIGNE - Jeremy BRUN (grand piano, Rhodes) Arnold MUEZZA

  • Popular Two Banks Of Four - Shadowlands

    Two Banks Of Four - Shadowlands

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    Two Banks of Four are Demus & Early Zinger. One dj’ed on a Sunday night and learnt his trade in New York, the other mcees on Saturday night and is still wondering why he never learnt a trade. They both live in London. They both are involved in various

  • Popular Meitz - Can You Live?

    Meitz - Can You Live?

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    Born 1974 in a small town close to Hamburg, Volker Meitz received his first piano lessons at the age of eight, switching on to Jazz piano later and soon getting into his first band, playing and writing funk and soul tunes. In 1995 Volker moved to Berlin a

  • Popular Doctor Abstract - Struck On Jazz

    Doctor Abstract - Struck On Jazz

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  • Popular Duran Y Garcia - Round Midnight

    Duran Y Garcia - Round Midnight

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    Duran Y Garcia are a group off of Irma, a popular label in Italy. Irma’s the label behind the Sister Bossa series, Mo Plen series, Irma on Canvas, the “Sex & the City” soundtracks and several others. They’ve also helped release works by artists like G

  • Popular Dj Cam Quartet - New York New York

    Dj Cam Quartet - New York New York

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    The quartet comprises of DJ Cam on scratches, strings, drums and programming; Alexandre Tassel on the Bugle; Christian Brun plays guitar and Jerome Regard is on bass with guest appearances from Guillaume Naturel and vocals by Inlove on “It’s yours.”

  • Popular Sleep Walker - INTO THE SUN

    Sleep Walker - INTO THE SUN

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    Sleep Walker are a Japanese jazz quartet featuring Masato Nakamura (sax), Hajime Yoshizawa (piano), Kiyoshi Ikeda (bass) and Tomokazu Sugimoto (bass), respectively, and Nobuaki Fujii (drums In 2000 the 12 inch vinyl Ai No Kawa / Ressurection In 2002). The

  • Popular Briskey - Lost City

    Briskey - Lost City

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    Briskey is the musical child of Gert Keunen. With the new album Before-during-after Briskey has headed into a new direction: darker, slower and an even higher soundtrack-factor; but at the same time it sounds stimulating, pulsing and dynamic. cinematic po

  • Popular Kira Neris - Behind Closed Doors

    Kira Neris - Behind Closed Doors

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    Kira Neris — “Behind Closed Doors” Description Label: FUTURISTICA MUSIC (FMCD002) Style: Nu-Jazz / House / Down-tempo Format: GB-CD Street date: 2007-09-07 Based in Strasbourg, the man behind the Kira Neris project is a truly unique individual. Motivated

  • Popular Jojo Effect - Swing Ding Song

    Jojo Effect - Swing Ding Song

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    Jojo Effect was founded in November 2005 by the German producers and multi instrumentalists Jaycay (Color Blind, Expo’s Jazz & Joy, Makoma) and Maxim Illion (Club des Belugas), and the two fantastic vocalists of Anne Schnell and Brenda Boykin. In Germ

  • Popular The Five Corners Quintet - Shake It

    The Five Corners Quintet - Shake It

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    In 2005, The Five Corners Quintet from Helsinki took the international dancefloor jazz scene by a storm. “Chasin’ the Jazz Gone By”, their debut for Ricky-Tick Records, a label that was initially conceived of as a vehicle for releasing the very first TFCQ

  • Popular The Juju Orchestra - Kind of Latin Rhythm

    The Juju Orchestra - Kind of Latin Rhythm

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    The Juju Orchestra was founded in 2004 by Fab DJ Sammy and producer/sound engineer Oliver Belz. Some of their musical idols are Caetano Veloso, Charlie Parker, Miles Davis, Steely Dan, Stan Getz (to only name a few). Of course they are influenced by all o

  • Popular Metropolitan Jazz Affair - Bird of Spring

    Metropolitan Jazz Affair - Bird of Spring

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    Metropolitan Jazz Affair is a Lyon France based jazz band created in 2002 with : Eric “Mr Day” Duperray : vocals, guitar Stéphane Ronget : flugehorn, trumpet, trombone and back vocals Benjamin Devigne : grand piano, Fender Rhodes, Hammond organ Bruno “Pat

  • Popular The Invisible Session - I'll Be Your Wings

    The Invisible Session - I'll Be Your Wings

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    The Invisible Session are Luciano Cantone (one of the two founders of Schema Records and producer of the project); Paolo Fedreghini and Marco Bianchi.