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  • Popular Martin Buttrich - Hunted

    Martin Buttrich - Hunted

    by Erdem Added 1,879 Views / 0 Likes

    You’ll know Martin Buttrich from his production work for Timo Maas and Loco Dice however he is now becoming known as an artist in his own right with ‘Full Clip’ on Carl Craig’s Planet E label. Returning home to Four:Twenty Recordings ‘Well Done’ is deep a

  • Popular Argy - Malena

    Argy - Malena

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    Argyris Theofilis, aka Argy, is one the brightest rising stars in modern dance music. Not many artists have achieved so much in one year since the first release. Born in Rhodes in 1985, Argy moved to London in 2003 to focus more on music. With his roots i

  • Popular Lazy Fat People - Club Silencio

    Lazy Fat People - Club Silencio

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    Raphaël Ripperton & Mirko Loko

  • Popular Ricardo Tobar - With You

    Ricardo Tobar - With You

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    From his coastal town in Chile, Ricardo Tobar began to make waves around the world with his El Sunset debut, where his considerable melodic talents were clearly on display. A second forthcoming EP on Border Community and the obligatory boundary-pushing li

  • Popular Fairmont - Gazebo

    Fairmont - Gazebo

    by Erdem Added 1,980 Views / 0 Likes

    Fairmont is techno producer Jake Fairley of Toronto, Canada. Fairmont is his softer, more melodic house project. He has released singles through Border Community and Traum Schallplatten amongst others. He is also well known for his live performances.Fairm

  • Popular Quantec - Thousands Of Thoughts

    Quantec - Thousands Of Thoughts

    by Erdem Added 1,643 Views / 0 Likes

    Following on from Bvdub's epic Daydreams Of Exile comes this absolutely fabulous release by the one and only Quantec. Sven's style is so deep, so fluid and so full of atmosphere that it's incredibly hard to do it justice just by talking about it. Essentia

  • Popular Frozen Border - 01

    Frozen Border - 01

    by Erdem Added 1,759 Views / 0 Likes

    Frozen Border 001 - Frozen Border By Joe • Feb 2nd, 2009 • Category: Music, Single/EP Reviews Frozen Border “001″ - [Frozen Border] (buy)(buy) This newwhite labelfrom an unknown producer(s) popped up in the inbox last week& had meallexited asI had be

  • Popular Efdemin - Float

    Efdemin - Float

    by Erdem Added 2,355 Views / 1 Likes

    Efdemin, aka Phillip Sollmann, is a Berlin producer who’s leading the way forward through the converging thickets of minimal, deep house and techno. Efdemin released his debut album on Hamburg’s Dial imprint, home to lush like-minded technoists Pantha Du

  • Popular Dominik Eulberg - Der Traum vom Fliegen

    Dominik Eulberg - Der Traum vom Fliegen

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    Dominik Eulberg, born in 1978 in Westerwald, Germany is an electronic music artist and DJ who has released numerous singles as well as full-length albums on labels such as Cocoon Recordings and Traum Schallplatten. He occasionally works as park ranger in

  • Popular Oliver Koletzki - Mückenschwarm

    Oliver Koletzki - Mückenschwarm

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    * Oliver started producing his first songs in the 80`s with a Commodore 64. * Aged 13, he took guitar and piano lessons. * His initiatives were Breakdance and Hiphop music of the early 90`s. * Since passing his A-levels, he is studying music at the Berlin

  • Popular Gregor Tresher - Full Range Madness

    Gregor Tresher - Full Range Madness

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    In the field of electronic music, Gregor Tresher is by no means a debutant. For more than seven years the thirty-year old DJ and producer from Rhine-Main area gathered merits modernizing the algorithms of electronic music. It has been his “Still EP” in 20

  • Popular Xenia Beliayeva - Momentan

    Xenia Beliayeva - Momentan

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    So that we do not misunderstand each other: Xenia Beliayeva is not an easy to enjoy sweet snack, neither as a producer nor as a DJ. Her arrangement of electronic music brings forth the demanding creatures of the night, which approve the sound as a central

  • Popular Bodzin & Huntemann - Black Ice

    Bodzin & Huntemann - Black Ice

    by Erdem Added 2,878 Views / 1 Likes

    Bremen-based recording artist and DJ Oliver Huntemann has been in the German scene since the beginning. Brought up in the northern German countryside, he soon found himself heavily infected by the fascinating world of music. He started taping radio shows,

  • Popular Oliver Huntemann - Rikarda

    Oliver Huntemann - Rikarda

    by Erdem Added 2,611 Views / 0 Likes

    2006: Electronic Dance Music dominates the urban club culture since more than 15 years. Between many highs and lows techno music has proven, that it is here to stay. Not many techno artists managed to do that in the same manner. Bremen based recording art

  • Popular Stephan Bodzin - Sonnenwind

    Stephan Bodzin - Sonnenwind

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    Born in the northern German countryside in 1969, Stephan Bodzin soon started getting into music, mostly influenced by his father, an artist and musician himself, whose studio contained all the magic sound-machines like ARP2600, Memorymoog, Polysix and man

  • Popular Loco Dice - Carthago

    Loco Dice - Carthago

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    The year is 1992 and Loco Dice is in his adopted home of Dusseldorf. Hip Hop controls his life. This is the precise starting point of his career. Under the pseudonym Dice’C he starts touring as rapper and Urban DJ appearing at the most important clubs in

  • Popular Minilogue - Jamaica

    Minilogue - Jamaica

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    Lovers of electronic music have been esteeming Minilogue for many years. In 2008 it is almost impossible to imagine club music without the two musicians from Malmö, Sweden. Nowadays, electronic producers tend to retreat into their special stylistic niche

  • Popular Tolga Fidan - Us And Them

    Tolga Fidan - Us And Them

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    Hailing from Paris via London via Istanbul, don’t call our multi instrumentalist French. Born and raised in Istanbul, studied in London, and relocated to Paris in 2005, Tolga Fidan considers himself Turkish above all else. At just 14, Tolga was playing ba

  • Popular Mathias Kaden - Rhythma

    Mathias Kaden - Rhythma

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    Mathias Kaden is for 11 years and counting a first-rate ‘turn-tablist’ in the recordrotation disciplines. For both training- and competitive exercises he utilizes the basics: 2 turntables, a mixer and painstakingly selected vinyl. With such equipment he n

  • Popular Onur Özer - Lotus

    Onur Özer - Lotus

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    Ozer began his career in the late nineties when minimal and tech-house were making a resurgence in Istanbul. In a city oppressed by both a stifling heat and a musical style equally as stagnant, Onur helped battle to change the old rules and break old habi

  • Popular Matthew Dear - Deserter

    Matthew Dear - Deserter

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    In the span of a few years, Texas-born, Detroit-based Matthew Dear has established himself as one of America’s foremost minimal techno producers. Dear and Ghostly International founder Sam Valenti IV met while the two were attending the University of Mich

  • Popular Liberto - Plus Something

    Liberto - Plus Something

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    Lefteris Kalabakas aka Liberto completed his studies in classic guitar at a young age and started collecting rock & metal records and playing with various groups. As he grew up he started approaching different music styles such as jazz rock and fusion

  • Popular Justus Köhncke - Timecode

    Justus Köhncke - Timecode

    by Erdem Added 2,060 Views / 1 Likes

    Justus Köhncke (born in Gießen in 1966) is a German techno and pop producer.Justus was member of the house trio Whirlpool Productions. They had a #1 hit in Italy called “PlayFrom Disco to Disco”.Since 1999, he is working with the German label Kompakt.

  • Popular Mathew Jonson - Marionette

    Mathew Jonson - Marionette

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    Electronic music producer, performer and label owner from Canada. Co-founded the label Wagon Repair. Recording on internationally renowned labels such as Sub Static, Minus, Perlon, Kompakt, Itiswhatitis, Arbutus, and now on his newly formed label Wagon Re