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  • 33:14 Beirut The Rip Tide Full Album

    Beirut The Rip Tide Full Album

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    *** TRACK LISTING *** 1 Candle's Fire 0:00 2 Santa Fe 3:17 3 East Harlem 7:34 4 Goshen 11:29 5 Payne's Bay 14:50 6 Rip Tide 18:40 7 Vagabond 23:05 8 Peacock 26:25 9 Port Of Call 28:50

  • Popular Telepath - Black box

    Telepath - Black box

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    Black Box, from Telepath album, Fire One (2006)

  • Popular Herbie Hancock & Céu - Tempo de Amor

    Herbie Hancock & Céu - Tempo de Amor

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    Official video for the song "Tempo de Amor"featuring:Céu - VocalsHerbie Hancock - Piano & KeyboardsCurumin - DrumsLucas Martins - Electric BassRodrigo Campos - Percussion & Cavaquinho2010,Herbie Hancock's Imagine Projectwww.herbiehancock.comwww.ce

  • Popular Willis Jackson - Nuther'N Like Thuther'N

    Willis Jackson - Nuther'N Like Thuther'N

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    From: "More Gravy"

  • Popular Okay Temiz - Denizalti Ruzgarlan

    Okay Temiz - Denizalti Ruzgarlan

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    okay temiz psych psychedelic jazzy jazzed funky turkey turkish eastern europe are groove muslim Northern soul deep rare groove funk funky deep funk soul jazz jazzy groovy beat beats beat break breaks sample samples loop loops stab stabs dancefloor dance d

  • Popular Mulatu Astatke & The Heliocentrics - Cha Cha

    Mulatu Astatke & The Heliocentrics - Cha Cha

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    Best known for his contributions to the best-selling Ethiopiques compilation series and the patronage of artists as diverse as Shackleton and Peanut Butter Wolf, Mulatu is a giant of modern music who first rose to prominence in the 60s, fusing Western jaz

  • Popular Empresarios - Siesta

    Empresarios - Siesta

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    Empresarios are a five-piece band from Washington DC. They are led by Javier Miranda (Vocals, Congas, Producer) alongside John Bowen (Video DJ, Producer), Paul Chaconas (Guitar, Bass, Keys, Producer, Engineer), Sonny Cheeba (Brazilian/Latin DJ, Producer)

  • Popular Seun Kuti & Egypt 80 - Many Things

    Seun Kuti & Egypt 80 - Many Things

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    Seun Kuti is the youngest son of the famous Nigerian afro-beat musician Fela Kuti. Seun started learning to play saxophone when he was eight, which is also when he started taking piano lessons. Seun Kuti has been performing on stage since he was nine year

  • Popular Athena - Arsız Gönül

    Athena - Arsız Gönül

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    Athena is a Turkish ska/rock group. Athena is formed by twin brothers Gökhan Özoğuz and Hakan Özoğuz in 1987. They started their musical life as a metal band, and released their first album “One Last Breath”, but switched to the ska genre sometime later.

  • Popular Bassekou Kouyate & Ngoni Ba - Jonkoloni

    Bassekou Kouyate & Ngoni Ba - Jonkoloni

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    Taj Mahal describes him as a genius, a living proof that the blues comes from the region of Segu. Bassekou Kouyate is one of Mali’s best-known Ngoni players. He has collaborated with many important traditional musicians of his country as well as internati

  • Popular The No Smoking Orchestra - Dobrila

    The No Smoking Orchestra - Dobrila

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    The No Smoking band (Zabranjeno Pušenje in their original Bosnian/Croatian/Serbian language) was born in Sarajevo in 1981 and soon became the most significant musical expression of “New Primitivism”, a cultural resistance movement created in the transitio

  • Popular Figli di Madre Ignota - Nema Problema Tourist

    Figli di Madre Ignota - Nema Problema Tourist

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    Figli di Madre Ignota is a band from Milano, Italia. A bunch of people who plays an aggressive mix of balkan music, evil polkas, klezmer made out of nothing, mean swings, breathless tarantellas, all made up with surfy electric guitars and a generous horn

  • Popular Damian & Brothers - Hopai Diri

    Damian & Brothers - Hopai Diri

    by Erdem Added 1,956 Views / 0 Likes , Dirty Beats , Dirty Drinks , Gypsy Music, Balkan Music,

  • Popular Slonovski Bal - Moscow Fever

    Slonovski Bal - Moscow Fever

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    Slonovski bal which means in Serbian “The Elephant’s Ball” , is on the global revival of Eastern European music. Absolutely involved in the strands of brilliant compositions and fugaceous improvisation. They managed to cross Europe boosting through their

  • Popular Parno Graszt - Drunk of Sorrow

    Parno Graszt - Drunk of Sorrow

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    Parno Graszt means ‘White Horse’. White as a symbol for purity and Horse as a symbol for Freedom. Parno Graszt was formed in 1987 in Szabolcs-Szatmár-Bereg, the most authentic but under-developed area from Hungary. The Band exist of 7 musicians, and somet

  • Popular Ot Azoj Klezmerband - Turkish Honga

    Ot Azoj Klezmerband - Turkish Honga

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    Ot Azoy Klezmerband is one of many Amsterdam-based klezmer bands. An early CD note says they were founded in 1994. It is a seven-piece band which had a 2001 recording on the Oreade Music label.

  • Popular Watcha Clan - Balkan Qoulou

    Watcha Clan - Balkan Qoulou

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    Watcha Clan are a French quartet that fuses together influences as diverse as its members’ heritages. Drawing on North African, Spanish, Arabic, Hebrew, French, and modern electronic musical styles for inspiration, the Clan claim a nomadic ethic, calling

  • Popular Magnifico - Ubicu Te

    Magnifico - Ubicu Te

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    Robert Pešut aka Magnifico (born December 1., 1965 in Ljubljana, Slovenia) Magnifico is one of the most celebrated Slovenian singers. His musical path started with music group U’redu, with which he recorded his first album, Let’s dance (1992). After that,

  • Popular Slavic Soul Party - Teknochek Collision

    Slavic Soul Party - Teknochek Collision

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    Fiery Gypsy brass, soulful Balkan rhythms, and hip-grinding American funk. Brash and strong as slivovitz, these nine musicians forged a virtuosic brass band in the heart of NYC - melding East European, Mexican and Asian backgrounds with jazz and soul, and

  • Popular Max Pashm - Imnul

    Max Pashm - Imnul

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    “The ‘King of Falafel Techno’ leads a Jewish/Greek/Balkan collective in maximum mashed-up electronic beats and melodies from different traditions around the world.” The Guardian Guide “Blistering Balkan beats and general nu-world trippiness from the highl

  • Popular Dj Kiwi - From Balkan to House

    Dj Kiwi - From Balkan to House

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    Three song mix starting with Balkan music and finishing with a little house music:1. "Mambayaga Project, Clockwork (Shantel vs Mahala Rai Banda Remix)" (there's an electro version called "Alp Vs Outwork - Fiesta Electronica (Elektro Mix)" but I prefer the

  • Popular Femi Kuti - Beng Beng Beng

    Femi Kuti - Beng Beng Beng

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    Femi Kuti is an award winning Nigerian musician, and the oldest son of legendary Afrobeat pioneer Fela Kuti.Femi was born in London on 16 June 1962 and grew up in the former Nigerian capital Lagos.Like his father, Femi has shown a strong commitment to soc

  • Popular Staff Benda Bilili - Moziki

    Staff Benda Bilili - Moziki

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    Staff Benda Bilili are a group of Congolese street musicians. They live around the grounds of the zoo in Kinshasa, and play music which is rooted in rumba, with elements of old-school rhythm'n'blues and reggae. The core of the band consists of four senior

  • 01:45 Popular Hans Zimmerman - I Never Woke Up In Handcuffs Before

    Hans Zimmerman - I Never Woke Up In Handcuffs Before

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    sherlock cingen..