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Free the Robots - You Let Me Down

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From Elsewhere comes Free the Robots, A balance of everything that is music. The Robot sound pays homage to the past with a drive for the future blending elements of Jazz, Hip Hop, Electronica, Bossanova, Experimental, Soul, Psychedelic, Rock, etc…

First EP, The Prototype (2005)

1. Introbots
2. Listen
3. Jazzhole
4. Our Time (Science & Technology)
5. Moonchild (King Crimson)
6. Lesson 5.5 (instrumental)
7. How is the World?
8. Space and Time
9. ADEAO-dato (A New Day)
10. the END…

Second EP, Free The Robots(self-titled) (2006)

Track listing:
1. Listen to the Future
2. Diary
3. Jazzhole
4. Yoga Fire
5. Lonely Traveler
6. Session Two

“In a musical world where anything that has a guitar can be called “rock,” it’s difficult to find music that is really creative. It’s even harder to find a band that is willing to take risks, and expand their art. But those things can be found in Free the Robots.”

-Indie Music Project

“Santa Ana DJ/producer Chris Alfaro probably knows more about music than you do. He has applied his advanced knowledge of jazz, funk, rock, hip-hop and electronic music to his Free the Robots solo project, and the diligent studying and crate-digging have paid serious dividends. Call him an old-school avant-gardist. Free the Robots creates instrumental hip-hop based on obscure samples that are ingeniously spliced and juxtaposed for maximum friction and frisson. Check out the self-titled EP on Elsewhere Studios for proof. The first track is called “Listen to the Future,” and it’s not an idle boast. These tracks swing and funk and bliss out and aren’t afraid to wave their prog or Bollywood or pre-bop-jazz freak flags”.

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