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Fuckpony - I Know It Happened - Featuring Chela Simone

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Added by Erdem in Electronica


Jay Haze, Homme Fatale, Madman, an exceptionally gifted composer as well as the owner and head of countless labels, projects, and pseudonyms, has done it again. The big surprise. The thing that no one always, totally fresh in the BPitch family, the long-standing member of the business, now presents under his poppy alter ego Fuckpony a powerful album, that has intentions no less than world dominance. Sure, house is always king, but even if - as these days- some hater waits around the corner who claims his name is Jack, the subtly- trained ear can hear the difference and the wheat is separated from the chaff. Hardly anyone knows the legacy of American-style house as Mr. Haze does. Despite a sense of tradition, this guy's intention was never just to reproduce a well-known sound. His principle has always been, something, which has always been a recurring theme through the diversity of his projects, crossing given boundaries. Futurism as a conceptual basis and Chicago as grammar, but even a bit more special than what is currently being rehashed with these ideas. And what Jay as Fuckpony has always excelled at is opening up to what one would call commonly and from a distance...'pop'. Pop in the best sense, though. Pop as an abstraction of accessibility, one that strikes your cheek gently while scraping stubble. The slightly shifted, perfectly forward driving offbeat in the title track “Let The Love Flow” would be such a case. Angular, sharp-edged pop, on whose surface you could light a match because there is so much soul pushing from the back that the dance floor almost seems as if it will collapse. But only almost, because it doesn't become a pure dance album, at least not entirely. Instead Haze meanders into a strange realm somewhere between the gleaming lightning of Saturday night (like in the track “Orgasm On The Dancefloor On A Saturday Night”) and the pale daylight of a Sunday morning when experiences vibrate back down to the floor, while the bass drum gets quieter and quieter (as in “A Pill's Medley”). A sort of afterhour for lovers, only that here the sweet taste after the club doesn't dissolve away on the tongue. Everything stays positive here: despite the high altitude, Fuckpony lands in the crate softer than ever with house tracks like the earlier, emotional kind, which, despite of all the grace kicks with a super-tight bass drum. A collection of small epics that are never for a second flat or cheesy, despite their catchiness. But could it be that in these cynical times, it is impossible to earnestly communicate feelings without it being weakened by a relativist gesture? Seriously... So, the good piece would generally be called “Let The Love Flow” and each track by itself conforms to this spirit, so that any further explanation is is unnecessary. Because it seems to be so sentimental and tender, it almost sounds as if Jay Haze has discovered his feminine side on BPitch. You could call it house with entire album without loops and samples made from scratch with his own two hands. The horns, the drums, and of course the dominating piano – all of these emanate from ideas that are at least as genius as the mad spirit of the master and sustain it despite the aesthetic re-orientation in his unmistakable handwriting. Only the female vocals in “Fall Into Me” and “I Know It Happened” are not sung by Haze himself, but are ultimately sung by Laila Tov and Chela Simon. The latter has already lent her voice to Kiki's “Good Voodoo” and also takes care of a couple of tracks on this album for a genre-breaking soul moment, one that instantly makes your arm hairs stand on end. Yes, it comes full circle- Fuckpony's longplayer for ravers in love and for raved out lovers who are still going long after peak time. A self-contained album with powerful melodic arches and a great dramatic understatement of house, that is understandably embedded in tradition and draws from this same tradition. Ten tracks, each unique and self-sufficient, show a side of Jay Haze that almost puts him in the position of favorite stepson. Ten tracks, held together through the love of music, the love of house, of Berlin, of parties, of all of you out there. In this sense: love it also! Real love is forever...

Source: Soul Seduction

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