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Hightone - Bad Weather

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Added by Erdem in Dub / Reggae


High Tone was formed in the year 1997 in the city of Lyon, France. The idea and leitmotiv of the musicians were to mix the traditional dub music with their others musical influences such as drum’n’bass, hip-hop or oriental music. Also, mixed the instruments: used turntables and samplers machine like guitar, drums and bass-guitar.

After a few self produced vinyl EPs -Bot Bud Seasons (1997) and Low Tone (1998)- High Tone signed at the label Jarring Effects. From this new collaboration came the first real album of the band -Opus Incertum (2000)- available both vinyl & CD with a national distribute.
The next year, in 2001, the band publish a new LP and the reissue of their 2 first productions with this new opus in one CD under the name Bass Temperature.

Also, the band became famous for its numerous meetings with some others dub (or not) bands. Like that, High Tone produced maxi EPS and CDs with Kaly Live Dub, Improvisator dub, Wang Lei and Zenzile.

High Tone is now considered as major actors in the French Dub Scene and creator of a new branch of dub music: novo dub.

Julien Oresta a.k.a Aku Fen Guitar
Fabrice Oresta Bass Guitar
Dominique Peter a.k.a Selekta DINO Drums
Lionel Dumas a.k.a. Dj Twelve Sample & turntable
Antonin Chaplin a.k.a Antok Keyboard

Opus Incertum (Jarring Effects, 2000)
Bass Temperature (Jarring Effects, 2001)
Acid Dub Nucleik (ADN) (Jarring Effects, 2002)
Live (Jarring Effects, 2003)
Kaltone : High Tone meets Kaly Live Dub (Jarring Effects, 2003)
Higvisators : High Tone meets Improvisator Dub (Jarring Effects, 2004)
Wave Digger (Jarring Effects, 2005)
Wangtone: High Tone meets Wang Lei (Jarring Effects, 2005)
Re-processed number 1 (Jarring Effects, 2005) (Remixes Album)
Zentone : High Tone meets Zenzile (Jarring Effects, 2006)
Underground Wobble (Jarring Effects, 2007) (Jarring Effects, 2006)
Dub Invaders (Jarring Effects, 2009)

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