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Implosion Quintet - Jalopy Peppers

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Added by Erdem in Indie


The new Cinematic Orchestra?

“We” are actually just "I", a wry slice of misinformation that began in jest many years ago but, through curious inertia, continues unto this day. The potentially obnoxious acronym was entirely coincidental.

As a self-taught chap, tunes are cobbled together in a kind of modular fashion, a system that has developed quite organically over the last 16+ years. The everything-but-the-kitchen-sink approach means the music is difficult to classify, but essentially it's a crossover that blends tango, rock, proggy retro-electronics and jazz. Basically a composite of the various elements I really love. Everything is deliberately lo-fi and unpolished out of choice because realism and good old-fashioned grit are unquestionably the way forward.

Iq started back in 2001 inside a playstation. Despite this rudimentary and hideously longwinded studio set-up, the new sequenced environment allowed the assembly of these disparate wonk-blocks into longer tunes. In 2005 some of the PS-era work caught Cookshop's ear and the subsequent release prompted me to stop cocking about and get a decent studio sorted. If you have an ear-wise of it all, you'll notice there's a big difference between the pre- and post-2006 stuff. The Werks album compiles everything up to 2006 watershed moment, and things have since morphed from a period of 60s soundtrack-drenched spy-jazz into the current erratic beast you can hear on the debut-proper.

IQ will most likely never make it up on planks to be clapped/booed at. In its current form it is purely a studio project and translating it into a live show is problematic in the extreme. The saturated approach relies on all the space Logic affords me and unlike Phil Spector I don't have entire orchestras at my disposal (or indeed kill people). While I could laptop it up and tweak out a roomful of boink that would be about as captivating as watching me complete a tax return. However, there are tentative plans for setting up an IQ-related trio that may see the light of day in 2010...

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