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International Pony - Gravity

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Added by Erdem in Electronica


nternational Pony are explicitly and specially: DJ KOZE, Cosmic DJ and EROBIQUE. Once there was a time when DJ Koze and Cosmic DJ (then still waving the flag of "big hip hop entertainment") set their sails towards the 1998 Fischmob tour, accompanied by the one-man supporting band EROBIQUE.
One beautiful off-day the three of them locked themselves, their instruments, equipment and a DAT recording machine into a Berlin hotel room --- and there it went BOOOM!!
From the first tone, there has been a sparkling, unknown magic between the three! Three days later our heroes left the town happily with 3 vinyl dub tapes recorded at the hotel sessions:
Even if every person involved started to work on solo projects right after (please read below), their future was pretty evident: Erobique finally left his home to be near the other two Ponys. And out of their own studio the band started to dive deep into the just discovered Pony cosmos and the related magic. They created the first remixes for Tocotronic, Bob Sinclar and Deejay Punkrock! Far away from all musical genre boundaries they matchwithout having to say a word about the course of their ship. The wind in the sails is their mutual love for music. Like an invisible thread, a passionate "red" warmth flows through all they write down: S O U L is the magic word…
And see: after a long, long journey the Pony has amassed a considerable portion of music. Separate the grain from the chaff, wash and polish every grain lovingly, and there you have an amazing menu with multiple courses. Dinner is served! Yum yum.. International Pony "we love music!"

Besides some local guests (Boris Ekambi, the St. George Magic Horns), the album also features Austin Cole, shooting star from Manchester, and the US funksters Stepchild (from the milieu of L.A. & Tribe Called Quest).
They all have proven extremely compatible to Pony and assist the band in their aim to rediscover the lost soul and warp it back to our century. The results keep us reeling with speechless excitement: PONY pull their energy from the primordial soup, still being timeless and lovingly detailed and coming up with everything that our time lacks so heavily: sex, groove, an extremely futuresque funkiness and - especially soul!

This band does not care for genres, they care for themselves!

Detailed infos about the three artists:

DJ Koze, born in Flensburg, has made a name for himself as a remixer and producer even beyond German borders. In 2000 he released MUSIC IS OKAY, a workshow with all his important works until that time. His mixes for Blumfeld and Chicks on Speed have lifted him into the top level of German producers. Following that there were orders from Pierre Henry, Hilde Knef and Bruce Hornsby. Especially his euphoric club gigs have made him to what he is today. The readers of the SPEX magazine have voted him DJ of the Year three times, and the INTRO 2 readers followed with the same award twice.
Parallel to this career, he treats his psyche with the side project "Adolf NOISE". As of today one album (Plattenmeister) is available, as well as the 12" single "Deine Reime sind Schweine", created with guest star Max Goldt at Buback.

EROBIQUE is cult...the interface between disco and chaos! No less than he himself created the saying: "Freedom is always the freedom of people that think the other way."
In several internet forums there have long since been discussions about: "Who is the German master of keyboards?". The reason for EROBIQUE having not been named there is obviously that he is not caring that much about the principles of the German competitive manners. His background includes a classical piano education, appearances as mod organist in ska, soul and jazz bands, gigs at the Whisky a GoGo in London and at the Montreux jazz festival, as well as classical EROSOUNDS for musicians like Holger Hiller, Rocko Schamoni and Justus Köhncke . EROSOUNDS is the title of his only longplayer, having been released, besides some 12", at deck 8 in 1998. His remixes contain works for, among others, Hans Nieswandt, Mina and Commercial Breakup. Moreover, his career includes a job as an art teacher at a conservatory. He still works as a cartoonist today, among others for the renown newspaper Westfälische Nachrichten..

COSMIC DJ, born in the city of Hamburg, sets to the stages of the music world early. At the tender age of 3 years(!), he climbs the stage in the break of a BILLY COBHAM concert at the Hamburg Fabrik and excites the audience with his understanding of free rhythmics. A few years later, however, he discovers the values of a four-four timer: 1983 is THE year! Wildstyle soundtracks in his ears, he improves the appearance of the walls of his home and the beats of Bambaata keep his muscles pumping. Most impressing for him are the Latin Rascal mixes for Kiss FM, New York. Henceforth his name shall be Cosmic DJ and the Technics double tape deck, used as editing station, paves the way towards samplers and Mac computers. Following that came the Fischmob years with all kind of experiences and the production of several remixes (e.g. Rocko Schamoni´s "Der Mond" or Station17´s "Coca Destruction Light"). And then the Pony flash! The concentration is no longer on rhyming deserts of words - music rules and the voice becomes melodic. Besides his commitments as a full-blooded Pony, he and his female partner DJ Jasmin always again return to the decks and prove on several DJ sets (e.g. Golden Pudel Club, Hamburg): The circle from soul to hip hop to 80s style and technoid house is round and works perfectly well!

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