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Kapuchon & Benny Rodrigues - The Other Finger

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Added by Erdem in House


The next installment from the new Beyond imprint is with us, featuring two newcomers from the thriving US underground: Kapuchon & Benny Rodriques. The pair bring a magical detroit infused collection of warm, urgent and modern house music into our peripheral vision where its simply hard to ignore … Like a well loved vintage drum machine tweaked to perfection, or a dusty old synth rejuvinated, „And Again“ draws inspiration from the rich synthesised landscapes of classic detroit techno, however adds a totally fresh and modern aesthetic, through its use of precise drum fills and beatifully crafted harmonies. On a more thoughful, soulful tip, „Unexpected“ unravells itself with smooth chord atmospheres, driving, solid-state percussion and teasing delay fx. The story might be a familar one to those who have their ears firmly pressed to the dancefloor, but for good reason, as these two fine storytellers have crafted a golden moment for the late, late hours. The acidic ride of „Potato Tomato“, with its pushing sub bass and glistening crescendos is perhaps the toughest cut of the E.P, and delivers the energy where its needed whilst still holding onto that classic, deep-as-dawn chicagotodetroit vibe.

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