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Kieser Velten - Together

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Added by Erdem in Downtempo


Classic Viennese 'Rockers' style, including legendary tracks from the sought after G-Stone and Poets Club catalogues! Oliver Kieser and Thomas Velten not the most productive producers ever, but what they lack in quantity they surely make up for in quality. These ten tracks bare proof that sometimes 'less' really is 'more'. The wonders of Wuerzburg define a timeless sound steeped in mellow and majestic beats tripped by mad whirls of knob twiddling infused probably by the odd jazz cigarette. What makes Kieser.Velten different from the other wannabe Viennese sounding duos is their production skills and techniques with crisp, clear and absorbing sounds that enter the physical and emotional! Tight, tense drums and wobbling basslines that travel from dimension to dimension, Kieser.Velten take you on musical Cartesian coordinated journey through your speaker system and into the unknown. The duo can mix it up too; 'No Showdown' breaks into a nu-disco boogie stomper with 'Session 77', a classy venture into over-the-top arrangements and strings worthy of high rise footwear. The ethnical flavoured remix of 'Addicted to Wave' originally by Digital Jockey featuring the memorable vocals and voice of Terry Armstrong is another noticeable highlight and intriguing piece. Remixing comes natural to the guys it seems, 'Taxici' an excellent original 'stepper' remix for the Eastenders crew transcends into a brilliant and uplifting event. Even the mighty Tosca gets the Wuerzburg treatment, check out one the best songs from the 'Honey' project, another wandering of the sound that makes Kieser Velten truly unique. Check friends of the family 'Dublex Inc. as they get in on the act too with their stunning Vienna styled remix of 'Stormy Monday', one of the best ever remixes by the Stuttgart stalwarts. Kieser.Velten two producers that very often fly under the radar, but to those 'in the know' they come through time after time. 'No Showdown' is a quality retrospective of a classic sound. Originators of the sound, G-Stone recordings bring you the timeless music of Vienna, now in digital form. by P o e t s C l u b R e c. -- V i t a l - S i g n s EP: Don..t call it a comeback... ...they never really disappeared! Okay, to be honest, since Kieser.Veltens last (and first ever) EP release, the legendary Showdown EP on Kruder & Dorfmeister..s G-Stone label, six years have passed now. Legendary, because is there any dub / downbeat DJ who did not dig this gem more than his record case even? Does the shit still sound like it was made only yesterday or what? See. It was quiet over the years when it comes down to new Kieser.Velten material. But they have never stopped crafting some fantastic remixes, e.g. for Tosca..s celebrated Honey remix album, Razoof..s Lambs Bread dub-house classic ...and recently two fantastic workouts for Digital Jockey..s Codeine Dub longplayer! And now the second Kieser.Velten release ever will see the light: the Vital Signs EP which is a precursor to a brilliant album in the pipeline and also nothing but... a real killer! Starting with Stormy Monday, a typical dubby, uptempo Dublex Inc mix, rising and rising to become a monster; while Dub Throat is a roaring breakbeat beast, emphasizing the darkest shades of the night... There..s a nice story behind the huge Dubolition track (part of their Showdown EP on G-Stone): the cologne based dubsters from Solar Moon used to spin this tune on every single one of their soundsystem gigs (from summerjam to microparties) for years, with their on and off MC crooner Don Abi voicing it live in a rub-a-dub stylee. When Kieser.Velten contacted the Solar Moon camp because of Razoofs Lambs Bread mix (since Razoof is a part of Solar Moon), they heard the Dubolition story wuith a grin on their faces, fell in love with Abis voice and had to re-record the track featuring Don Abi (in a rub-a-dub stylee, of course). Same same, but different for the smooth collaboration track with gentle-voiced, Washington based love poet JEN. Kieser.Velten heard JEN on the razoof album soulaquarium and really were fascinated by JENs voice and poetry. Since Solar Moons very own George Solar (a huge Kiser.Velten fan ) was producing an album for JEN at that time and was looking for associated producers, the contact was made fast. Exceptional producers meet an exceptional woman with an exceptional voice

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Tags: dub, electronic

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