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Messer Für Frau Müller - The Best girl in the USSR

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Added by Bengu Cimendag in Electronica


Based in St. Petersburg, Russia, Messer für Frau Müller (Messer Fur Frau Muller in English means Knife for Mrs. Müller) is an electronic lounge ensemble. Evolved out of the musical project Letter O in 1991, originally the band consisted of Oleg Gitarkin (guitar), Tima Zamlyanikin (vocals) and Ilya Kuzik (bass). Aleksey Miksher (drums) joined the band in 1992 after recording of their first album “Merry Bormans”(1991).

In 1992 they recorded their first official punk album, Happy End Dead, with elements of psychobilly and hardcore. Two months later, the band recorded its second album, Little Joys, and received wide recognition from this demo and the previously unreleased album. As a result, Messer fur frau Muller started actively touring in europe. In preparation for the German tour in 1992, MFFM recorded a post-industrial vinyl LP, Senors Crakovjaks (reissued on SolnzeRecords on CD in 2001 as well “Happy End Dead” and “Little Joys”).

After taking over the German club scene, MFFM returned home to St. Petersburg and experienced their peak of popularity. Messer fur frau Muller had become a cult figure in the city’s club circuit. In ‘93, Miksher and Zemlyanikin parted from MFFM, and Zemlyanikin later joined the monastery. At this time, Oleg Gitarkin met Oleg Kostrow who was a member of electro-pop band, Fantom, and together they recorded an album, Hyper Utesov. This became MFFM’s first significant step towards electronica from its previous psychobilly-punk style.

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