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MVSEVM - French Jeans - Style Of Eye Mix

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Added by Erdem in Electronica


Techno retirees strike back with a dose of cheesy keys & firm beats to make everything fresh again!

Age equals courage. When you are old and experienced, you no longer think about what others consider good, new or cool. You just take what's best from the years of music and make it your own. Fearless! If it works, it works.

The three men of Mvsevm could be techno retirees, but these men got together to stitch up beats, bleeps and blissful synth interludes that would light up the bleakest of the Dark Ages. The sound is massive and minimal at the same time, the beats flutter ahead rigid as a North Korean military parade yet the groove is elastic like that of virgin leggings. Contradictions! When you've lived long enough, you embrace them rather than fear them.

You smell the dust as the bones of the thin-limbed composers creak, but the perspective of these geezers ensures a ride as exhilirating as... well, whatever the teens these days do for kicks.

Better to be a reborn has-been than a dead-end wannabe.

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