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Nekropsi - Yollar

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Added by Erdem in Last but not Least


In the case of Nekropsi, these guys invented a sound that is instantly appealing. This instrumental band features two guitarists that were clearly influenced by thrash metal guitar. But they turned off their distortion pedals and added Turkish and prog influences. Their sound is rhythmic, light, clear as pure water, and can turn on a dime. At times I'm reminded of The Fucking Champs, and other times I hear some Dream Theater and even El Reloj. The two guitarists do an incredible job of staying away from typical metal cliches that many other bands can't seem to escape from. The drummer is also worth mentioning; his playing is light, yet fits perfectly with the metal-like sound of the band. Once in a while, though, he whips out fast drum patterns that are as frantic as the drums on Citta' Frontale's El Tor.

The CD isn't entirely perfect, of course. The first six tracks are top-quality. We find a band full of ideas, intelligence, and energy. But, for some reason, they decided to slow things down toward the middle of the album. Their Pink Floyd influence, maybe? Things don't pick up again until the ninth track. Mi Kubbesi is also a long CD; a few tracks could have been left out, and things start to drag a bit towards the end. Overall, though, there is something for everyone. Metal fans and guitarists will enjoy almost every track here. Prog fans who aren't really into metal will find most of the tracks appealing.

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