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Submitted by kozmonot

  • 04:13 Popular Arab Strap - Dream Sequence

    Arab Strap - Dream Sequence

    by kozmonot Added 2,742 Views / Likes

    Arab Strap were a post-folk indie band from Scotland, signed for the majority of their albums to independent record label Chemikal Underground. The duo had a short lived flirtation with a major label at the peak of their critical acclaim (post-Philophobia

  • 04:26 Popular Nina Hagen Band - African Reggae

    Nina Hagen Band - African Reggae

    by kozmonot Added 2,467 Views / Likes

    the Nina Hagen Band was a succesful german punk/rock band (Nina from DDR). Nina Hagen went on as a succesful and colorful solo singer, and the members of the band (Manne Praeker etc.) released a very entertaining and well produced english album called the

  • 03:07 Popular Home Video - Sleep Sweet

    Home Video - Sleep Sweet

    by kozmonot Added 2,239 Views / Likes

    It is five in the morning and still dark outside. Your eyes flutter and open heavily. You see a disembodied blue glow pulsating on the ceiling. You have no idea where you are, but you know you are alone. The only sound you hear is the hiss of a nearby rad