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  • Popular Morrissey - Action Is My Middle Name (Live at Maida Vale 2011)

    Morrissey - Action Is My Middle Name (Live at Maida Vale 2011)

    by Ahmet Voltran Added 2,408 Views / 2 Likes

    First of 3 NEW songs recorded live at Maida Vale on June 10th 2011 for the BBC. World premier broadcast on the Janice Long Show on BBC Radio 2 on June 15th 2011

  • 03:18 Popular Flunk - Cigarette Burns

    Flunk - Cigarette Burns

    by Ahmet Voltran Added 2,479 Views / 0 Likes

    Flunk is a Norwegian electronic band consisting of producer Ulf Nygaard, guitarist Jo Bakke, drummer Erik Ruud, and vocalist Anja Øyen Vister. The band began as a project between Ulf and Jo in Oslo, Norway in the winter of 2000-01. Starting out as an inst

  • Popular Kimbra - Good Intent (Live at Sing Sing Studios)

    Kimbra - Good Intent (Live at Sing Sing Studios)

    by Ahmet Voltran Added 2,694 Views / 1 Likes

    Kimbra, born and bred in Hamilton, New Zealand has been writing a fusion of jazz and soul for over 5 years, known for her erratic but graceful voice inspired by the likes of Amy Winehouse, Bjork and Jeff Buckley. Kimbra’s first success was in 2004, reciev

  • Popular Capleton - Prophet Rides Again (Extended Mix)

    Capleton - Prophet Rides Again (Extended Mix)

    by Ahmet Voltran Added 5,649 Views / 1 Likes

    King Shango, King David, The Fireman and The Prophet. A wise man once said that a prophet is not without honour save in his own country and so it has been with Capleton. While the veteran DJ’s words and works long ago earned him the title of “The Prophet”

  • Popular Arctic Monkeys - Fluorescent Adolescent

    Arctic Monkeys - Fluorescent Adolescent

    by Ahmet Voltran Added 2,773 Views / 1 Likes

    Arctic Monkeys are an alternative rock band formed in Sheffield, England, United Kingdom in 2002 after meeting at Stocksbridge High School. The band consists of Alex Turner (vocals, guitar), Jamie ‘Cookie’ Cook (guitar), Nick O’Malley (bass) and Matt Held

  • 04:50 Popular Nasio Fontaine - Africa We Love You

    Nasio Fontaine - Africa We Love You

    by Ahmet Voltran Added 2,276 Views / 0 Likes

    From the rugged green mountains of Dominica a passionate manifestation of Rastafari comes forward in reggae. His name is Nasio Fontaine and his music has the power to flow into your consciousness and lift your energy. His voice has an unmistakable resonan

  • 05:07 Popular Sinead O'Connor - Downpressor Man

    Sinead O'Connor - Downpressor Man

    by Ahmet Voltran Added 2,962 Views / 0 Likes

    Sinead O'Connor launches first reggae album "The teachings of Rastafari saved my life, and when someone saves your life the least you can do is give back."With those words Irish singer Sinead O'Connor put forth her latest album, Throw Down Your Arms, at

  • 04:27 Popular Bombay Dub Orchestra - Dust

    Bombay Dub Orchestra - Dust

    by Ahmet Voltran Added 1,860 Views / 1 Likes

    The Bombay Dub Orchestra brings together a world of musical influences which fuses electronica, ambient, western classical, Indian classical & semi classical and many other sounds from around the globe. It all began some seven years ago when producer

  • 03:29 Popular Jens Lekman - You Are The Light

    Jens Lekman - You Are The Light

    by Ahmet Voltran Added 2,317 Views / 1 Likes

    Swedish Morrissey?Jens Martin Lekman (born February 6, 1981 in Angered, Sweden) is a Swedish pop musician residing in Melbourne, Australia. He has released two albums and several EPs since 2003. His music can be described as guitar-based pop with heavy us

  • 03:29 Popular Cat Power - The Greatest

    Cat Power - The Greatest

    by Ahmet Voltran Added 2,106 Views / 0 Likes

    Charlyn Marie Marshall, also known as Chan (pronounced “Shawn”) Marshall, was born in the U.S state of Georgia on 21 January 1972. After dropping out of high school, she started performing under the name Cat Power while in Atlanta, backed by musicians Gle

  • 02:59 Popular Von Iva - Lala

    Von Iva - Lala

    by Ahmet Voltran Added 1,853 Views / 0 Likes

    Von Iva creates their own brand of music by combining breakbeat cool with a dance punk attitude. Imagine Tina Turner singing over hammering dance beats and layers of synths. These ladies are turning out new and exciting music for people that aren’t afraid

  • 07:54 Popular Taksim Trio - Bicare

    Taksim Trio - Bicare

    by Ahmet Voltran Added 1,730 Views / 0 Likes

    Bonded to their instruments, committed to their friendship, Taksim Trio is a sublime example of what happens when three like-minded souls mix, mingle and merge into one. Featuring three of Turkey’s most in-demand master instrumentalists, Taksim Trio is ma

  • 03:40 Popular Orient Expressions feat. Sabahat Akkiraz - Kok ve Dal

    Orient Expressions feat. Sabahat Akkiraz - Kok ve Dal

    by Ahmet Voltran Added 1,720 Views / 0 Likes

    Istanbul’s new band Orient Expressions is a collaboration between Can Utkan aka DJ Yakuza, Cem Yıldız, and Richard hamer. The threesome combines electrophonic sensibilities with turkish Folkish/Alevi song and instrumental forms to render a well-integrated

  • 04:00 Popular Smoke City - Underwater Love

    Smoke City - Underwater Love

    by Ahmet Voltran Added 4,952 Views / 3 Likes

    Smoke City is a British band. Their music blends modern styles like acid jazz and trip hop, and borrows a lot from Brazilian styles like samba and bossa nova. They are best known for their single PlayUnderwater Love, which was a major hit in 1996. The vid

  • 02:59 Popular Pale Young Gentlemen - Clap Your Hands

    Pale Young Gentlemen - Clap Your Hands

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    In October 2008, Pale Young Gentlemen released the follow-up to their self-titled debut. Musically and emotionally expansive, Black Forest (tra la la) is distinct from their previous release. Trading the bouncy piano and old dancehall beats for finger-plu

  • 03:09 Popular Alaska in Winter - Your Red Dress

    Alaska in Winter - Your Red Dress

    by Ahmet Voltran Added 2,089 Views / 0 Likes

    Alaska in Winter is an American electronic band consisting of front man Brandon Bethancourt, who dropped out of art school in Albuquerque, New Mexico and reportedly, "spent a semester in a tiny cabin out in the middle of nowhere Alaska recording music on

  • 03:44 Popular Koop & Ane Brun - Island Blues

    Koop & Ane Brun - Island Blues

    by Ahmet Voltran Added 1,945 Views / 1 Likes

    Romantic SwingtronicaKoop is the Swedish electronic jazz duo of Magnus Zingmark and Oscar Simonsson from Uppsala, Sweden, formed in 1995. Though the music may sound as if it is played by a tight jazz group, it is actually sample-based. Thousands of small

  • 05:36 Popular Beirut - Nantes

    Beirut - Nantes

    by Ahmet Voltran Added 3,445 Views / 3 Likes

    Beirut mastermind Zach Condon has been no stranger to the indie press since the release of his surprise smash 'Gulag Orkestar' last year, which appeared out of nowhere and captured our hearts, coming high in almost everyone's end of year charts. After tou