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Stac & PolarBear - Just Stop Talking

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Added by Erdem in Hip-Hop


In 1979 a boy was born with an overly large cranium. Doctors at the time considered a diagnosis of ‘Water on the Brain’ but the young boy seemed to respond well to stimuli and was sent home with his mother. Over the following 7 years the boy developed a style of living which incorporated certain allowances for his oversized head, these included; standing at the back in group photographs, not standing in the line of the sun whilst around sunbathers and avoiding running downhill. All seemed normal until in the summer of 1986 the young boy witnessed two events that changed his life forever. The first was the artistic expression of Diego Armando Maradona. The second was an hour long documentary about the Arctic Circle narrated by David Attenborough. In the space of one week the young boy became obsessed with two things, Polar bears and the majesty of a perfectly executed pitch-long dribble. Around about the same time the boy’s mother began to notice an interesting phenomenon. Her son’s specially constructed balaclava seemed to be less tight and he seemed to leave his horizontal TV-watching position with greater ease on Saturday afternoons after A-Team. She took her son to her Doctor who told her that a shrinking of the cranium was a near impossibility and that there must be some other explanation for her perceptions, wishful thinking perhaps. Unconvinced, she took him to a reclusive Wizard who operated in the area under the guise of a ‘Holistic medicine Practitioner’. The Wizard examined the boy closely over a period of three days, setting the boy numerous tasks and puzzles. After the three days the Wizard showed the mother his composed dossier on her son. It stated that the young boy possessed immense physical skill, observation and rhythm, that seemed to be the result of the slow release of an unknown ‘essence’ from his brain. It seemed that the boy was able to capture the heart of a story and, using balance, rhythm and skilful delivery, somehow relay that story back in a mazy run that defied restraint. The Wizard told the mother that this was the reason for the reduction in her son’s head size. When the mother expressed concern for the long term effects of the condition, the Wizard reassured her that if what he believed was true, then upon reaching puberty her son would develop a means of sustaining this essence, with one proviso, he must be given some means of artistic release. The mother agreed and went out and bought her son his first pencil and notepad. She thanked the Wizard for his help and before she left asked him about her son’s fascination with Polar Bears. The Wizard replied, 'All gifted souls must choose their own ideal physical form. Your son has chosen wisely’.

I have ideas and write them down and move around while I say them.
From the 2nd city of Birmingham.
I like peach cobbler and Maradona
I don't like costume drama or saltfish.
Thanks for passing through and listening.

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