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  • Popular DJ Cam - Mad Blunted Jazz

    DJ Cam - Mad Blunted Jazz

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    Parisian hip-hop devotee Laurent Daumail is one of a few but growing number of French artists updating hip-hop for the chill-out crowd, drawing on the beats’n’samples groundwork of producers such as Rakim, DJ Premier, and Prince Paul and combining it with

  • Popular Heights of Abraham - 700 channels

    Heights of Abraham - 700 channels

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    Heights of Abraham is a side project of Steve Cobby (Fila Brazillia) together with Jake Harries & Sim Lister.

  • Popular Pepe Deluxe - Woman in Blue

    Pepe Deluxe - Woman in Blue

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    Pepe Deluxé, a Finnish-British band, in just two albums, have displayed such quality in spades that the expectation for the new album, due for release on Catskills Records 25th June 2007, is a mixture of excitement and trepidation.In 1997, James Spectrum

  • Popular The Heritage Orchestra - Skybreaks (Jazzanova Remix)

    The Heritage Orchestra - Skybreaks (Jazzanova Remix)

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    THE HERITAGE ORCHESTRA was initially devised for the Heritage club-night by Chris Wheeler & Jules Buckley. In June 2004 it was the biggest band ever to play in a UK club, with twelve string players; an eight-piece rhythm section; six brass; a woodwind

  • Popular Husky Rescue - New Light Of Tomorrow

    Husky Rescue - New Light Of Tomorrow

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    Husky Rescue are a five-piece band from Helsinki, Finland. The music they play is their own special blend of fragile folk, cinematic moods and up-tempo rock you can tap your feet to. Unlike the current vogue for singer-songwriters who tell stories about t

  • Popular JoJo Effect - I shouldn't, I wouldn't

    JoJo Effect - I shouldn't, I wouldn't

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    Jojo Effect was founded in November 2005 by the German producers and multi instrumentalists Jaycay (Color Blind, Expo’s Jazz & Joy, Makoma) and Maxim Illion (Club des Belugas), and the two fantastic vocalists of Anne Schnell and Brenda Boykin. In Germ

  • Popular King of Woolworths - Bakerloo

    King of Woolworths - Bakerloo

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    Like a good tradesman, Mancunian Jon Brooks got his alter ego, the King of Woolworths, out to the people by peddling it himself. Whether it was simply name checking his music on message boards, making it available to download on music sites or sending CDR

  • Popular Late Night Alumni - Empty Streets

    Late Night Alumni - Empty Streets

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    Late Night Alumni are Becky Jean Williams, Finn Bjarnson, John Hancock, Ryan Raddon (aka Kaskade). Late Night Alumni is the alias of DJ/producer Kaskade, currently signed to ‘Om Records’ and loaned to the Hed Kandi label. They tend to mix Dance/house musi

  • Popular Liberto - Plus Something

    Liberto - Plus Something

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    Lefteris Kalabakas aka Liberto completed his studies in classic guitar at a young age and started collecting rock & metal records and playing with various groups. As he grew up he started approaching different music styles such as jazz rock and fusion

  • Popular Marsmobil - Magnetizing

    Marsmobil - Magnetizing

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    Roberto Di Gioia, the musical force behind Marsmobil was born in Milan in 1965. He began playing piano at age 4. His favourite music: The Beatles. In 1975 he began his studies at the musicial highschool in Eichstaett and after graduating in 1984 moved to

  • Popular Max Sedgley - Slowly

    Max Sedgley - Slowly

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    Max Sedgley is a British producer and disc jockey, currently signed to the indepedent record label Sunday Best (founded by Rob da Bank). In 2004 Sedgley released his first single Happy, a remix of which was later used by ITV as the theme music to their co

  • Popular Mo Horizons - Foto Viva

    Mo Horizons - Foto Viva

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    Mo’ Horizons are the producers, musicians and DJ’s Ralf Droesemeyer and Mark ‘Foh’ Wetzler. Their first album, Come Touch the Sun, which features Mo’s first two 12”s ‘Yes Baby Yes’ and ‘Foto Viva’, melts together influences ranging from the soulful fiftie

  • Popular Blue States - Allies

    Blue States - Allies

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    Blue States is an electronic/dream pop band headed up by Andy Dragazis. The band has been active since 1997 and is still producing music out of Sussex, England as of 2005. A track from their 2002 album Man Mountain, “Season Song”, appeared on the soundtra

  • Popular Kinobe - Slip Into Something More Comfortable

    Kinobe - Slip Into Something More Comfortable

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    Kinobe is an English electronic music group with two members; Mark Blackburn, and Julius Waters. Both originally from England, however Julius Waters spent many of his teenage years in Australia. Julius grew up in the affluent area of Barnes, in London, hi

  • Popular Jakatta - American Dream

    Jakatta - American Dream

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    Joey Negro is the most known pseudonym of british dj and house music producer Dave Lee. Lee was one of the first to incorporate disco samples into house when he started producing in 1991.Since then, Joey Negro has become one of the most sought-after produ

  • Popular A Man Called Adam - Estelle

    A Man Called Adam - Estelle

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    From acid-jazz collective to mellow Ibizan house masterminds, A Man Called Adam have pursued much the same fusion of gentle jazz/house rhythms with classic pop songwriting despite the progression of stylistic identifiers used to describe their sound. Comp

  • Popular A Forest Mighty Black - Rebirth

    A Forest Mighty Black - Rebirth

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    A Forest Mighty Black is one of the few outposts for jazzy downtempo in Germany. Fronted by producer Bernd Kunz, the outfit debuted with “Candyfloss” and “Fresh in My Mind,” two of the first three singles appearing on Munich’s respected Compost Records la

  • Popular Baby Mammoth - Sunburn

    Baby Mammoth - Sunburn

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    Amidst heavy competition, Baby Mammoth is the Pork label’s most prolific act, packing in five full LPs of blunted instrumental hip-hop between their debut in late 1996 and the end of the decade.Like other Pork acts Fila Brazillia and Solid Doctor, the duo

  • Popular Fila Brazillia - Place De La Concorde

    Fila Brazillia - Place De La Concorde

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    Fila Brazillia are from Kingston Upon Hull in North-East England. They were formed in 1990 by Steve Cobby and David McSherry. Their name is explained thus: When Dave “Pork” Brennand of Pork Recordings (also Hull-based) asked them to release a track of the

  • Popular A Reminiscent Drive - Ambrosia

    A Reminiscent Drive - Ambrosia

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    Now is the time for the survivors. The new century has digested easy techno music and computerized control. Now, what we need is a total cultural understanding of all things musical, like having a well developed sense of mental gymnastics. And that’s exac

  • Popular Fragile State - Every Day A Story

    Fragile State - Every Day A Story

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    Fragile State are made up of Neil Cowley formally of Zero 7 and Ben Mynott the well known and revered journalist who writes for Blues & Soul. ‘Voices From The Dust Bowl’ and ‘Facts And The Dreams’ are two albums that when they were released received w

  • Popular Can 7 - Cruisin'

    Can 7 - Cruisin'

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    Levent Canseven, the mastermind behind the successful Can 7, is a highly experienced Turkish DJ, producer and remixer. With his own recording studio and production company, T.P.A Music, Levent has caused quite a stir over the past few years. Providing an

  • Popular Praful - Sigh

    Praful - Sigh

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    Sax-, Flute- and Bansuri- player Praful is a native German who chose Amsterdam as his home base in the late 80’s. Over the last 2 decades he has emerged himself in Jazz, Dance, TripHop, Latin and West African Music and especially in the musical cultures o

  • Popular Mechanical Me - Beachy Head

    Mechanical Me - Beachy Head

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    Mechanical Me were Lumenessence’s debut signings in 2000. Now on an extended sabbatical their infectious blend of eccentric sampling, fairground atmospherics, pop hooks and Louise Davis’ highly individual vocals charmed and won over many early Lumenessenc