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  • Popular Nucleus Roots - One Fe De Soundman

    Nucleus Roots - One Fe De Soundman

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    The ideology behind nucleus roots was to create a studio resource for the abundant and obvious talent already existing in Manchester. The studio focused on reggae, as the studio grew, so did the catalogue of artists, arrangements and songs. The nucleus ro

  • Popular Hightone - Bad Weather

    Hightone - Bad Weather

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    High Tone was formed in the year 1997 in the city of Lyon, France. The idea and leitmotiv of the musicians were to mix the traditional dub music with their others musical influences such as drum’n’bass, hip-hop or oriental music. Also, mixed the instrumen

  • Popular Kaly Live Dub - Cross Rulings

    Kaly Live Dub - Cross Rulings

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    Kaly is formed in the year 1995 at Lyon, France. In the begining, the name of the band was “Kaly Calipso” and plays dub roots with a strong reggae influence such as Jamaicans bands of the 70’s. The band then forges an important reputation in concerts (wha

  • Popular Ez3kiel - Versus

    Ez3kiel - Versus

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    Founded in 1994, EZ3kiel is magnet-Dub originating from Tours, France. In beginning they had a singer, but there is no recorded material from that period.From 1999 they work as a trio:Yann Nguema (bass guitar, visuals)Joan Guillon (samples, effects, keybo

  • Popular Löbe Radiant Dub Sytem - Löbe Radiant Dub Sytem Live

    Löbe Radiant Dub Sytem - Löbe Radiant Dub Sytem Live

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    Löbe Radiant Dub System play a mix of electro dub and breakbeat hop, a hybrid composed of a massive bass/drums couple, sometimes sharp, sometimes evanescent samples, and an omnipresent and melodic guitar.

  • Popular Vibronics - Natty Riddim

    Vibronics - Natty Riddim

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    It was the joint discovery of the Aba-Shanti-I Sound System and digitally sequenced music which first inspired Steve Vibronics to try his hand at building dub tunes. A minimal studio was put together at home during 1995 using the most basic of equipment -