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  • Popular Iration Steppas - Mistikal Warrior

    Iration Steppas - Mistikal Warrior

    by Erdem Added 2,375 Views / 0 Likes

    Mark Iration speaks in a booming voice; his dub roots sound system prides itself on being one of the very best and certainly one of the loudest in Europe; and the man even writes in capital letters. Everything about his is about giving his all. The sound

  • Popular Vibronics - Natty Riddim

    Vibronics - Natty Riddim

    by Erdem Added 1,753 Views / 0 Likes

    It was the joint discovery of the Aba-Shanti-I Sound System and digitally sequenced music which first inspired Steve Vibronics to try his hand at building dub tunes. A minimal studio was put together at home during 1995 using the most basic of equipment -

  • Popular Skandal - Bold as Fuck

    Skandal - Bold as Fuck

    by Erdem Added 1,944 Views / 0 Likes

    he soon-come 'Hunger Pains' mix from DJMK, Skandal, ThisMC & DJ Combo is one of this decades' final headwreckers of UK hip-hop – a mind bending melange of crunked-out insanity, febrile thug-electro and vivid verbals from one of UK rap's most intense a

  • Popular Jam Baxter - Banana Shaped Armour Plates

    Jam Baxter - Banana Shaped Armour Plates

    by Erdem Added 1,764 Views / 0 Likes

    "I dedicate this one to Celine Dion, Bonnie Tyler…\" Arf arf - cameo-perennial JB's new single thrunks forth on a nicely full-fat chassis, rhymes coming in needling and nice, pointing towards a soon-come debut album 'Rinse Out Friday/Spark Out Saturday' t