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Variety LAb - London in the Rain

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There is no mad scientist in Variety Lab, nor any docile lab assistant. House music, made of hints at French variety music, bordering on lounge music, crafted both for dancing and calm listening to.

Thierry Bellia (programming and machines), the research director, gathered three musicians officiating, in vitro and in vivo, as brilliant live performers. Jérôme Didelot (bass), Alexandre Longo (keyboards) and Jacques Tellitocci (percussions and vibraphone) would certainly not have borne the white walls of a lab. They prefered joining a strange alchemist, in search of a new synthesis, which would combine the coherence of songs with the persuasive power of rhythms.

If House music took and assimilated little by little all elements on its way, it had never looked for inspiration in the French variety music, crammed with inventiveness. Now it’s done and if their name suits them, that’s because they did not content themselves with alluding to TV Variety shows or cultivating kitsch to amuse the audience. The laboratory of variety studies this strange music, constantly on the air, which can sometimes delight us by its melodic exactitude. Thierry Bellia wanted to collect the density of these refrains, the precision of this know-how, without altering its actuality. The result is conclusive ; the best is kept, like Pop Art artists who crystallised the most mysterious reflects of the consumer society. No doctorate here though : Variety Lab is a body.

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